Your Trans Therapist

Congratulations! You've found a trans therapist! (A therapist who is trans male, and who also works with trans folx)

Hi, I'm Cameron, I use he/him pronouns, and I'm a trans (male) therapist.

What does this mean?

It means I was born female, or AFAB (Assigned Female At Birth), and later on transitioned to living as male. Being male to me is what I've felt like all along on the inside of my brain/body/soul, but it took me a while to be able to live it on the outside.

Trans people often go through name changes, and use different pronouns than they had used previously. It's important to respect people's pronouns and use their new name, even if it's hard to remember. You just need to try, and your trans friend/family member will know you care and respect them.

Why do I have 2 names on my website??

I have a professional identity and a personal identity. Changing my name over to Cameron for my personal identity was easy, but changing all of my documentation for my professional identity is a long process. I will be using my old name (Cynthia) for professional documents, billing purposes, and for my signature for a long time, so I have to keep it on the website as a point of reference.

Will I be going through medical transition? Will my appearance change?

Yes! I have already begun to medically transition. As your therapist, you will notice changes in my physical appearance and the sound of my voice. 

What if I mess up your pronouns/ use the wrong name? 

I may correct you, but more often you may just realize you've used the wrong name or pronouns, and the best thing to do is to correct them and move on. No need to feel bad about it as long as you make the correction and keep trying. Mistakes happen :)

If you have questions about being trans, please ask! I'm willing to answer any questions I can, or point you towards other resources to help you learn.